Our holidays are from 21 July till 16 August !

Our holidays are from 21 July till 16 August !

Car loan / Leasing

Did you find the car of your dreams? You don't want to spend the last penny on a car ? We can make financial proposals. Car loans exists in different forms, let us explain.

Classic car loan 

The traditional way, who knows everyone : every month the same amount to repay.

Light care / Flexifin

Is opposite to the classic way, this type has a lower monthly payment. At the end of the loan (24,36,48 or 60months) there's a predetermined amount remaining wich you can repay at once or you can renew the car.

Leasing / Renting

The ideal choise when you're independant! A leasing works different than a car loan. The leasing company buys the car, not you. From then on you rent the car from the leasing company for a fixed period, for a determined price monthly. At the end you have the option to buy the car.

Do you want more information about the possibilities or do you want a personalised offer ? We are happy to advise you !

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