Closed on 29 & 30 april.

How it started

Approximately 18 years and in Italy ruled an economic crisis. My father, Adolfo Palermo, took his last money and took the train to France. He was received by family living already in France. As a young guy he could start to work in a garage Citroen in the north of France.

Meanwhile he met his future wife Godelieve Vansteelant, they started their life together nearby his work. Nevertheless she could not make the adaption to France. She wanted to go back to her rooth : Flanders - Belgium.

They became proudly parents of 2 children : Lorenzo and Pina.

At that time he worked in a garage Citroen at Roeselare (Vanhaecke), but he had a big dream. He wanted to start his own company and realised it in 1980. Throughout his hard work and flourishing company, he could build a showroom in 1990.

The same year I made my first steps in the garage. I gained the experience from my father and afterwords I helped to expand the business.

2001 : I made the step, the business passed on to me and my wife Valerie.

With pride we can pronounce you our boys : Luca and Matteo, who are also possessed by a virus on 4 wheels !

After 30 years of existance at Dadizele, we were ready for a new challenge. Because of customer growth, we had problems with parking and also we could not work efficiently. About 2 years later we found a warehouse in the surroundings of 2 kilometers, nearby Floralux. The warehouse needed some approvement to make it enjoyable to buy your future car.

January,3 of 2012 we opened our new showroom and garage.

July, 1 of 2019 : Seperation of Citroën after 40years. We still had the ambition to serve you for 100%, but not only for Citroën. We say welcom to : Peugeot, Opel, Ford, Audi, Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Kia, …  We made investments by buying (diagnose)utility and we have the knowlegde to work on other brands of cars

You, as client, helped us to make our choise in this matter. We still want to be the family business, who welcomes you personally.  

Lorenzo, Valerie, Guillaume, Bram en Vincent, we are happy to help you !


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