Closed on 29 & 30 april.

car examination : with or without appointment

From Friday 12 August onwards, you can present your vehicle for a periodic inspection at all stations every working day, with or without an appointment.

To ensure that the inspections run as smoothly as possible for everyone, we would like to ask you to observe the following advice: 

1) You can schedule an appointment up to 2 months before your expiry date. You do not have to wait to receive your invitation. 

2) Please check the webcams and announcements on our website before you leave. If the queue is long or closed, it is best to schedule your visit for another date.  Depending on how busy it is, the queue will be closed earlier.

3) The choice of the inspection station is free. If it is very busy in the station of your choice, you can check on the website whether you can get to a nearby station more quickly.

4) Observe the traffic regulations. Keep the public roads and cycle paths free. If the traffic is longer than usual, return at a later time. 

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